From Application to Graduation—and Beyond

As you transition to civilian and college life, having support for each step along the way during these changes is important in having the experience you deserve. At Ashland University, providing you with the support you need is our primary goal.

Your Experience

Transitioning from the National Guard to the next stage in your life is challenging. That’s why we offer a helping hand at every step along the way forward. Below you will see how our commitment to you is played out through our step-by-step process in helping you with both pre-and post-enrollment life. Our team is skilled in navigating this transition, your success as an individual is a priority.

How This Works

Committed to your success at every step, both within and beyond the classroom

Ashland University is committed to your success from the first moment of contact. We want you to succeed both within the classroom and across all other facets of your life. Our goal is to take you through the transition from beginning to end, and beyond. Our team is equipped to walk with you through each step of the process, whatever your current situation and long-term goals might be. From the moment you reach out for the first time, we provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Completing and submitting your application

  • Determination of and application for all relevant VA benefits

  • Choosing and signing up for classes

  • Meeting faculty

  • Finding housing

  • Assisting in the transition to civilian life

  • Providing access to mental health counseling specific to military veterans and their families

  • Providing financial guidance

  • Setting you up for success

  • Walking you through daily life on campus and college practicalities

  • Helping you find a community of students who share your military experience

The Jack

One of the primary parts of life that veterans miss is the camaraderie with fellow guardsmen. We saw this gap on our own campus for military-connected students and decided to create something great.

Founded in 2020, the Jack W. Liebert Military & Veteran Resource Center is your central point for everything you need as a military-connected student on campus. This beautiful center houses military student service offices, a USO-style lounge, study spaces and communal spaces. The Jack gives you access to everything you need to transition successfully into college life and equip yourself for a successful future.

The most popular parts of The Jack are, of course, the communal spaces where military-connected students are able to come together, share their experiences and be with other students who hold the same values, share the same experiences and approach life and the world around them in similar ways. It’s a place to gather with other veterans and military students and work through this transitional time of your lives together.

Post-Graduate Commitment

Here for you now and long past graduation

One of the things that sets Ashland apart from other schools is the fact that when you come here, you belong. And, at the same time, this place belongs to you. Part of our promise to you is a lifetime of support that continues long after graduation. From job placement and career guidance to mentorship relationships, ongoing support and connections that you carry with you going forward, Ashland University is dedicated to your success, from the first interaction on.

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Ashland University is in the top ten nationally for schools focused on military-connected and veteran students and their families, and first among private universities in America. We’ve committed significant resources to guide and support you during and after this major transition. Fill out the form to request more information and learn about how to get started at Ashland University.

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