Your Journey Starts with Success at Ashland University

From the initial contact, we guide you through every step. Your success, both within and beyond the classroom, is our commitment.

Your Experience

Seamless from first contact. We guide you through the transition, helping with applications, choosing classes, housing, and more. Focus on what matters most — your education.

How This Works

Committed to Your Success at Every Step

Our team is equipped to walk with you through each aspect of the process. From completing and submitting your application to choosing and signing up for classes, we provide comprehensive support. Need assistance in navigating daily life on campus or mental health counseling specific to military families? We’ve got you covered. 

At Ashland University, we’re not just guiding you through college; we’re preparing you for a successful future beyond.

Steps to Enrollment

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Veterans apply as undergraduates if they have not attended another establishment of higher education after high school graduation

  • Minimum standard of a cumulative 2.5 GPA on official high school transcript
  • ACT not required if three years removed from high school (If veteran’s ACT is available and above an 18, veteran may be eligible for merit-based scholarship)
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Veterans apply as transfer students if they have attempted college coursework after high school graduation

  • Minimum standard of a collegiate cumulative 2.25 GPA
    • Contact us to learn more about transferring your entitlement
  • Can receive transfer merit-based scholarships if veteran qualifies
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Veterans apply as graduate students if they are pursuing an advanced degree after having earned their undergraduate degree from a higher education institution 

  • Collegiate GPA requirements vary based on the selected graduate program
    • Contact us to learn more about transferring your entitlement

After acceptance, Veterans are granted eight semester hours of college credit if honorably discharged.

The Jack

Founded in 2020, The Jack is your central point for everything you need as a military-connected student on campus. Explore the communal spaces designed for mutual support. It's not just a physical space — it's an embodiment of our dedication to your success.

The USA House

Exclusive on-campus housing designed solely for military-connected families. Convenient campus access, unique living environments, and a supportive community await.

Post-Graduate Commitment

Ashland University is dedicated to your success, now and long past graduation. Lifelong support, job placement, career guidance, mentorship relationships — our commitment extends beyond your time on campus.

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Ashland University is in the top ten nationally for schools focused on military-connected and veteran students, and is first among private universities in America. We’ve committed significant resources to guide and support you during and after this major transition. Fill out the form to request more information and learn about how to get started at Ashland University.

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