Welcome to the USA House

For Veteran students, camaraderie is one of the things they miss most from their time in the service. Ashland University’s USA House allows military-connected students to live in an environment tailored to their unique needs. This newly remodeled 18-room structure located on Fraternity Circle offers convenient campus access, increased amenities and the opportunity to connect with fellow military-connected students like never before.

About the USA House

Designed exclusively for military-connected students at Ashland University, the USA House is just one more way we’ve positioned you for success. 

Conveniently located on campus next to the athletic complex and stadium, the USA House is just a two-minute walk from The Jack, the Rec Center and Convo (home of one of the best university cafeterias in the nation).

Each of the USA House’s 18 rooms is equipped with brand-new individual air conditioning units, ensuring your comfort. One of the standout features is the provision of double rooms at the cost of a single, eliminating the need for room sharing. Accommodating both males and females, each room comes furnished with practical essentials, including a bed, a desk, dressers, and a wardrobe, creating an environment that balances relaxation with academic focus. 

Common areas within the USA House provide opportunities for both relaxation and entertainment. With new furniture, streaming-equipped TVs, and engaging activities like pool, foosball and cornhole, you’ll have plenty of ways to unwind and connect with your fellow residents. The full kitchen and laundry room cater to your everyday needs.

The USA House’s supportive community is anchored by an on-site Resident Advisor (RA) who coordinates events, fostering connections and creating memorable experiences. The newly designed pod bathrooms offer a balance between privacy and convenience, with individual setups within a shared pod.

Life at the USA House

Designed for your unique needs, the USA House offers each student an ideal balance between expanded personal space and community areas that foster connection and camaraderie.

At the USA House, your experience goes beyond a living space—it's a community that honors your military background and supports your personal growth and academic success.

Connect with peers who share your journey, forging connections that extend beyond your time at the university. Experience events like movie nights, dinners, and gatherings organized by the on-site RA, creating memories that will stay with you for years to come.

Security is paramount, which is why the USA House ensures access through keycard entry. Parking is readily available nearby, freeing you to focus on your studies and socializing within the community.

As you step into life at the USA House, you're not just joining a residence—you're entering a welcoming environment that celebrates your military journey and empowers your academic pursuits.

The Jack Connection

Located in the heart of the university's campus, the Jack W. Liebert Military & Veteran Resource Center—a dedicated haven exclusively designed for military-connected and veteran students is just a short walk from USA House. Here, you'll find your central hub, housing essential resources, support services and a welcoming USO-style lounge that fosters connections among students who share your journey. With its communal spaces and comprehensive facilities, The Jack provides the ideal environment to ensure your smooth transition from military life to the transformative college experience awaiting you at Ashland University.

How to Apply

Applying for residence in the USA House is as simple as clicking the button below. You can also schedule a call with one of the dedicated members of our Military & Veterans Services team. Please note that the USA House is restricted to military-connected Ashland University students only.

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Ashland University is in the top ten nationally for schools focused on military-connected and veteran students and their families, and first among private universities in America. We’ve committed significant resources to guide and support you during and after this major transition. Fill out the form to request more information and learn about how to get started at Ashland University.

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